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Manufacturer Support

Looking for printer drivers or trying to replace that lost user's manual? We have put together a list of support links that we hope will help. Printer drivers and user manual support is not provided by; however, we feel this list will help you get you the support you need.

Manufacturer Support Description Phone Support
3M 3M Website 1-888-364-3577
ACCO ACCO Website 1-800-247-1317
Adler/Royal (Olivetti) Adler/Royal Website 1-888-261-4555
Alps Alps Website 1-800-449-2577
Alps Printer Drivers
ALLSOP ALLSOP Website 1-800-734-9090
AMCO AMCO Not Available
Anthro Anthro Not Available
Apollo Apollo Website Not Available
Apollo Printer Drivers
Archtek Archtek Website 1-626-912-9800
Archtek Printer Drivers
Apple Apple User Manuals & Drivers 1-800-MY-APPLE
Avery Avery Website 1-800-462-8379
Belkin Belkin Website 1-800-223-5546
Brother Brother Drivers See Site
Brother Support
Brother Website
P-Touch Manuals
Canon Canon Printer Drivers 1-800-848-2366
Canon Fax Drivers
Canon Support
Canon Website
Casio Casio Website 1-800-962-2746
Centronics Centronics Website 1-540-949-1031
Citizen Citizen Drivers 1-310-453-0614
Citizen Website
C.Itoh Website 1-800-877-1421
C-Line C-Line Website 1-800-323-6084
Compaq Compaq Drivers 1-800-345-1518
Compaq Website
Conexant Conexant Website 1-425-882-7918
DEC DEC Website 1-800-365-0696
Dymo Dymo Website 203-588-2500
Dymo Support
Eldon Eldon Website Not Available
Eltron Eltron Website 1-800-344-4003
Epson Epson Printer Drivers and User Manuals 1-800-922-8911
Epson Website
Esselte Esselte Website Not Available
Fellowes Fellowes Website 1-800-945-4545
Fuji Fuji Website Not Available
Fujitsu Fujitsu Drivers 1-800-626-4686
Fujitsu Website
GBC GBC Website Not Available
GCC Tech GCC Drivers 1-617-276-8620
GCC Website
Genicom GENICOM Website 1-540-949-1031
GENICOM Technical Support
HP HP Support Set Criteria
HP Website
IBM IBM Printer Drivers 1-800-426-7378
IBM Website
IBM Technical Support
Imation Imation Website Not Available
Iomega Iomega Website See Website
Kensington Kensington Website 1-800-535-4242
Kodak Kodak Drivers Find Here
Kodak Website
Kodak Technical Support
Kodak Contact Information
Konica Konica Drivers Not Available
Konica Website
Konica User Manuals
Kyocera Kyocera Website Not Available
Lanier Lanier Website 1-800-333-2679
Lexmark Lexmark Printer Drivers 1-888-539-6275
Lexmark Website
Lexmark Technical Support
Maxell Maxell Website Not Available
Microsoft Microsoft Website  
Minolta/QMS Minolta/QMS Website (251) 633-4300
    Ext. 1072
Mita Mita Website Not Available
Muratec Muratec Website 800-543-4636
NCR NCR Website 800-225-5627
NEC NEC Technical Support Set Criteria
NEC Printer Drivers
NEC Website
Nu-Kote Nu-Kote Website 800-448-1422
OkiData OkiData Printer Drivers 1-800-654-3282
OkiData Technical Support
OkiData Website
Olivetti Olivetti Website Not Available
Output Technolgy Output Technology Website Set Criteria
Panasonic Panasonic Printer Drivers Set Criteria
Panasonic Technical Support
Plantronics Plantronics Website 800-544-4660
Quantum Quantum Website Not Available
Ricoh Ricoh Drivers Find Here
Ricoh Website
Ricoh Technical Support
SamSung SamSung Support Set Criteria
SamSung Website
Savin Savin Support Set Criteria
Savin Website
Seiko Seiko Support 310-517-7700
Seiko Website
Seikosha Seikosha Support 775-851-8707
Seikosha Website
Sharp Sharp Technical Support 1-800-BE-SHARP
Sharp Website
Silver Reed Silver Reed Website Not Available
Smith Corona Smith Corona Website 1-800-448-1018
Contact Smith Corona
Sony Sony Website Not Available
Star Micronics Star Micronics Support 800-782-7636
Star Micronics Website
Star Micronics Drivers
Tally Tally Drivers Not Available
Tally Technical Support
Tally Website
Tektronix Tektronix Printer Drivers 1-800-835-6100
Tektronix Technical Support
Tektronix Website
Texas Inst. Texas Instruments Website 1-540-949-1031
Verbatim Verbatim Website Not Available
Victor Victor Product Registration Set Criteria
Victor Website
Xerox Xerox Drivers Not Available
Xerox Technical Support
Xerox Website
Zebra Zebra Website 800-423-0422
Zebra Support
Zebra Downloads