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IR61 Purple POS Ribbon

IR61 Purple POS Ribbon printer supplies by Citizen

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Regular Price: $7.95 ea.
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Availability: IN STOCK - This item normally ships the same business day for orders received by 5 PM EST.

Type: Compatible

Product ID: IR61P

Description: FJAProducts is proud to offer the Replacement IR61 POS Ribbon. Our Replacement Citizen IR61 Cash Register Ribbons are very popular. We offer the full line of Time Clock and Cash Register Supplies. This Citizen IR61P will work in several modes of Cash Registers. This Ribbon is also know as the IR60 and DP600 Ribbons. We also offer the Citizen IR61B and the Citizen IR61BR replacement cash register ribbons. Our Cash register Ribbon is desigend to work in all of the following Cash Registers and Credit Card Printers:

ABS SA4000 ● ABS System R II ● Casio CE 4050 ● Casio FE-2000 ● Casio KP 300 ● Citizen CBM DP-600 Series ● Citizen CBM-710 ● Citizen CBM-715 ● Citizen CBM-720 ● Citizen CBM-725 ● Citizen CBM-730 ● Citizen CBM-750 ● Citizen DP-600 ● Citizen DP-610 ● Citizen DP-611 ● Citizen DP-612 ● Citizen DP-612 G ● Citizen DP-614 ● Citizen DP-617 ● Citizen DP-617 G ● Citizen DP-622 ● Citizen DP-624 ● Citizen DP-627 ● Citizen DP-630 ● Citizen DP-650 ● Citizen iDP-3516 ● Citizen iDP-3520 ● Citizen iDP-3530 F ● Citizen iDP-3530 P ● Citizen iDP-3535 ● Citizen iDP-3540 F ● Citizen iDP-3540 P ● Citizen iDP-3541 F ● Citizen iDP-3545 ● Citizen iDP-3546 ● Citizen iDP-3550 ● Citizen iDP-3551 ● Citizen iDP-4530 ● Citizen iDP-4540 ● Citizen VLT - Gaming Ptr ● CRS 2000 ● Data Card 22 Receipt/Slip Ptr ● Data Card 24 Receipt/Slip Ptr ● Data Card Slip Ptr ● Datatrol 3530-SP ● Datatrol 780 ● JCM Gold-3700 ● Konic Electr. SR-5020 ● Micros 385-1 ● Micros 4700 Main ● Micros 8700 ● Micros Autocut 4000 ● Micros Autocut 4700 ● Nikko NK-614-1 ● Nikko NK-614-2 ● Nikko NK-614-3 ● Nikko NK-614-4 ● Nippon Primex NP-610 ● Olivetti ECR 007 ● Olympia CM-1920 ● Olympia CM-1930 ● Olympia CM-1935 ● Olympia CM-1936 ● Olympia CM-2030 ● Olympia CM-2035 ● Olympia CM-2130 ● Olympia CM-2135 ● Optima Elite 1200 Series ● Panasonic Fast Food PO Ssystem ● Panasonic JS-130 ● Panasonic JS-660 ● Panasonic JS-7000 ● Panasonic JS-800 ● Panasonic RM-800 ● Panasonic WS-800 RM ● Royal Alpha 1750 ● Royal Alpha 9170 ● Royal CMS-750 ● Royal CMS-9000 ● Royal CMS-9200 ● Sanyo ECR 340 ● Sanyo ECR 358 ● Sanyo ECR 548 ● Sharp ER-03 RP ● Sharp ER-A430 ● Sharp ER-A770 ● Siemens Beetle 20 W/Citizen Ptr ● Swintec SW 2250 ● TEC MA 1300 ● Towa DL-4P ● Towa ET 5416 ● Towa ET 6120 ● Towa ET 6420 ● Towa ET 6420 F ● Triumph Adler CMS-9200 ● Walther ECR 1210 ● Walther ECR 1220 ● Walther ECR 1520


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When you purchase the IR61 Purple POS Ribbon imaging supplies from, we guarantee you the best quality you can get. We can assure you, you will receive your IR61 Purple POS Ribbon at your location right on time, with no hidden costs. If you are not fully satisfied with the IR61 Purple POS Ribbon you have purchased from, we will refund your money or replace the IR61 Purple POS Ribbon with another IR61 Purple POS Ribbon as per our Return Policy.

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